Couldn't get to the October MAX conference in Los Angles? The two keynotes and many of the sessions were recorded. Visit and click on the links to watch. So much less expensive than going there!

Watch the June 18th Keynote Address for 2014 Release of Creative Cloud
A two-hour YouTube video of updates in many different Adobe products

Watch Terry White's Demo of Photoshop CC 2014 New Features
A 23-minute YouTube video of just Photoshop updates

Adobe has various membership plans, from $10-$50/month:

Summary of tools and services per plan level:

• CC apps are downloaded to your computer, are not based in the cloud, and continue to operate as long as you connect to the internet every 30 days so your subscription can be verified.
• Your apps are updated with new features as they are developed. So if your computer system keeps asking if you want to update, that's a good thing.
• If you decide to stop your CC subscription, your CC-downloaded apps will continue to be operational for 30 days after you stop subscribing.
• If you store content in the cloud, that content will be available for 90 days after unsubscribing.
• Storage in the cloud is not mandatory. You can store images anywhere. The cloud is handy for syncing projects and sharing with others. Read the account details carefully. Free accounts have limitations on storage and activity.
• Depending on your subscription, you have access to one or all 80 kajillion Adobe apps for download if you have a hard drive big enough.
• Here's a description of various CC accounts from A good summary...

Free Online Events
Yes, free info and training on various types of Adobe software. There are literally 100's of webinars. Yes, as in hundreds. Details

August 11-13, 2015
Mandalay Bay Hotel
Las Vegas

Three full days of sessions on Photoshop, Lightroom, lots of photography, design, HDR... the list is endless. Plus extra pre-con sessions on the 10th. Details

Free tutorials...

Thinking about being a freelancer? Hmmm...
Here's a post from the Graphic Artist Guild website
In the middle of the post is a link to the original article.

Oct 3-7, 2015 • Los Angeles Convention Center
The MAX Conference is always exciting, with amazing creativity from around the world, from creative code to creative design. Click the image above for a page showing the various MAX home-page images. Cool.

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